Balloon Deliveries

Whether you need helium filled balloons or a gift for special occasion we can deliver them to you. (Loyalty program coming soon)

Birthday Party Packages

The Miami Balloon Guy can entertain your guests with his amazing balloon creations. Recommended for approximately 15 guests per hour.

Crazy Hats, Costumes, and Wearables Party

The Miami Balloon Guy can create vibrant hats, cute or outrageous costumes, and wearable characters, animals, and caricatures. As the Balloon Artist, The Miami Balloon Guy will ask give the recipient the choice of hat, costume, or wearable, or the Miami Balloon Guy will pick an amazing balloon creation from his extensive repertoire in order to totally blow your guests away.

The Balloon Of Doom!

The Miami Balloon Guy can make your guests laugh while being astonished as he performs the ultimate stupid human trick…. He gets into a giant 6 foot balloon. He starts off the show by inflating the balloon in front of the audience with a giant balloon blower. Once inside the balloon, he jumps around the room while making the people he comes in contact with to laugh at the absurdity of getting inside a balloon. A shower of confetti followed by a barrage of balloons launched throughout the room finishes the act.  Coming back soon.

Restaurant and Business Promotion

I offer a special promotional campaign to businesses that can help keep existing customers and attract new customers. As an award winning balloon artist and entertainer with over twenty five years of experience, The Miami Balloon Guy doesn’t just entertain children, but adults as well.  As your balloon party host, The Miami Balloon Guy can help you turn a slow night at your restaurant or business into a fun and festive atmosphere, with large scale creations/restaurant decorations, fun balloon games with audience participation, and other fun balloon related activities.  We also include a social media campaign with this promotion.  Restaurant Owners and managers, click here for more information.

Themed Party And Event Decor

Transform your next event in something spectacular with The Miami Balloon Guy’s amazing customized theme decor. Whether you are looking for simple, unique look for a birthday party, or you are planning a large corporate or private event, The Miami Balloon Guy’s Theme decor can fit your budget while providing high quality, cutting edge balloon decor. The Miami balloon Guy can create many different types of arches, Columns, Character/animal/people standups, centerpieces, and lobby, entrance, or exit decor tailored to your tastes and themes.

Balloon Drops, Ceilings and Custom Balloon Sculptures
A Christmas in Miami montage with a bathing suit clad balloon Santa in the window on the balloon wall with a balloon Christmas tree with presents and a balloon stocking 
Do you want to add that special touch that will just put your event over the top in the eyes of your guests? Well then, why not have the entire ceiling covered with helium inflated balloons and ribbon. Need a balloon drop for that special event, The Miami Balloon Guy does those as well. Finally, have a custom sculpture for your event, a gift, a delivery, or for any special occasion. It will be created by the Miami Balloon Guy and delivered to your location.

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