The Daily Balloon Challenge

Taking an idea from Rob Driscoll at My Daily Balloon, I will be taking up the daily balloon challenge.  What is the daily balloon challenge you might ask?  Well it is a challenge for balloon artists that tests the creative abilities of said balloon artist.

So, starting September 10th, 2018, I will begin the challenge, and on September 10th, 2019, I will end the challenge.

My plans for this challenge are as follows:

To improve my skills with balloons.  Lifelong learning is important.
To come up with unique balloon designs.
To show off the possibilities of what can really be done with balloons as a legitimate art form.
To learn as many techniques as possible.
To help in the never ending hunt for web content.
To improve on my weaknesses and turn them into strengths.
To be able to compete with the world’s bests and win a major balloon competition for s***s and giggles.

Final Thoughts

Everyone will be able to follow me on the various social media networks, or directly from my blog.  I will also be taking suggestions via email from people who want to see something specifically done, and will be turning on the comments section of each particular post regarding the challenge.

Since there are fifty two weeks in a year, I will be doing some theme weeks, sort of like shark week.

Sometimes, I will be working on challenges from the Balloon Artist College, working on stuff from The Qualatex Balloon Network, improving previous sculptures that I have worked on, balloon caricatures, and I will even work on large balloon murals and sculptures just for the hell of it, and your consumption.  When I do work on the large sculptures, though, they may take a few days, so in those cases, I may not have a balloon a day to post.

I expect to learn a thing or two from this challenge, and I hope that people will enjoy seeing the end results. I will be posting all the results on my blog.  I will even be taking suggestions from people that want to see me try something out that I didn’t think of.