A Balloon Christmas in Miami

I just wanted to discuss my latest creation and to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

When I went to the Twist and Shout balloon convention in Orlando in February of 2017, I realized that I had to step up my game if I ever wanted to realistically compete with some of the best balloon artists in the world.  I finally got around to making the airship balloon brick weave walls.  This is my second as they are rather time consuming to make until you figure them out.  The grey brick wall is approximately 7 feet wide by 10 feet tall.  The tree is about 9 feet tall at the tip of the star.  The top of the window is about 6 feet tall, so it give you a little perspective as to the size of the sculpture.  The wall itself took close to 250 balloons.  I normally would use Qualatex balloons for stuff like this, especially, since I am a CBA(Certified Balloon Artist) but I was recently given a bunch of older Betallic 660’s (The original ones, not the newer with the links on the end) for free, so I thought I would use them to practice.  This is what I came up with.  The balloons were rather old, so there was a ton of poppage.  I don’t recall when Betallic stopped making normal 660’s and started making the 660 link balloons, but I figure that the balloons for the wall were over 5 years old, but I did pop at least 100 of them just trying to get them inflated. I did realize that I prefer the shorter 646 over the longer 660’s. But I digress.

A Christmas in Miami montage with a bathing suit clad balloon Santa in the window on the balloon wall with a balloon Christmas tree with presents and a balloon stocking

Sculptures such as this can be made for your event or business and they have staying power over the standard helium balloons and arches.  People will not only do a double take, but they will stop and stare at the inflated awesomeness of artistic balloon art.  Very few people have seen this balloon art presented this way.  It shows that balloons are not only for kids or the young at heart, it can be a legitimate form of art.  So, if you are a forward thinking event planner or business owner, feel free to contact me via email, fill out this form, or call me directly at (305) 724-5488 to discuss how I can help you.


The Next sculpture up is either Illidan Stormrage V 2.0  from World Of Warcraft (building on the one I made during Twist and Shout, or ‘The Kitty Cat Outer Space Machine” from Dan Bondruff, which is a black and white painting that I bought from him when we were both working at the now defunct original Cafe Tu’ Tu’ Tango in Coconut Grove.  That will be fun.

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